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Are you an Account Executive looking to grow in a team of highly-skilled, top talent innovators while working on multiple projects in a range of industries?

If so, Altar may be the right place for you.

With us, you’ll help entrepreneurs and business leaders build innovative products that transform their industries, from early-stage MVPs to disruptive satellite products.

You’ll have the opportunity to work with a host of entrepreneurs and business leaders, like an ex-Product Owner of YouTube and a former Managing Director of HSBC. Not to mention exciting companies like the multi-award-winning regtech startup, Apiax or Coca–Cola.

Thanks to the work your future colleagues have been doing, our new business is 100% inbound, so we don’t have any outbound motions. No outreach. No SDR or BDR roles.

This inbound motion means that, in most cases, our potential clients come to us already aligned with our mindset and processes. That allows you to focus on what truly matters: exploring their idea from a business perspective and challenging their assumptions according to what we believe is the path of least resistance for their product to launch and win in the market.

As an Account Executive, you’ll need to analyse ideas, assess business models and manage client relationships. You will use your communication and analytical skills to conduct sales calls - where your critical thinking will be your main asset to instil trust in our prospective clients - and then preserve and improve those relationships over time.

All the while working among a cross-functional team of seasoned Altarions with expertise in a multitude of sectors.

What You’ll Be Doing:

As an Account Executive, you’ll be:

**The Hands-On Experience We Need You to Bring to the Table: **

**The Extra Experience We’d Love to See: **

Here’s The Cutting Edge Tech Stack We Use:

What You Can Expect from our Recruitment Process:

Our process starts with us screening your CV. Once we’ve done that you can expect:

Once you’ve completed the process we’ll be in touch to let you know whether or not you were successful. If you’re the right fit, we’ll also give you more details on the next steps to becoming an Altarion.

What You Can Expect from Working with Us:

Full focus on helping you make the most out of life

Full focus on helping you make the most out of your Career

If you got increasingly excited about Altar while reading this, then we’re just as excited about you! Apply now and let’s see if we can make you the next Altarion.